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Christian Petruccelli



We are an intentionally small boutique DMC, operating with excellence in the Luxury segment through our skills and detail-oriented attitudes.

The idea of customizing a travel itinerary to perfectly suit the interests, preferences and budget of each traveler isn’t something to which we just give lip service. Creating a tailored holiday is a point of pride for us; however, the best results are achieved only through close collaboration with travel advisors who have the time and inclination to work with us to craft something truly special for their clients.

Due to these reasons, we’re eager to work with like-minded advisors and their clients.
People who also understand that the cost of service is commensurate with the quality offered.

Beyond that, our mission is to make your life easy!


Our Commitments to you

  • –  Trading only with travel professionals

  • –  Principals directly involved in the business

  • –  NET price provided (to be paid by bank transfer) with the opportunity to collect the GROSS from your clients

  • –  Credit Card data collected through a secure web platform (no CC data by email)

  • –  We will provide you with a total cost for the trip, and whilst we don’t provide an itemized breakdown, on request we provide separate total costs for hotel and services, and we dohighlight the key costs

  • –  Daily feedback on client’s journey

  • –  We always act on your behalf towards to the hotels:

    o Your name will be provided to the hotel GM at the time of booking

    o Your name will be listed on the welcome in-room note on Client’s arrivals

  • –  Conference call with you and your clients, at your request, to deeply go through the itinerary

  • –  Certified and vetted partners on the ground (especially after the pandemic)

  • –  Guides chosen according to Client’s personality and interests

  • –  Guides and drivers able to manage the clients “mood of the day” and to adjust daily plans

    according to Client’s needs


  • Privileges for your clients

  • –  24/7 assistance for emergencies (via email, text and phone)

  • –  Personalized advice and suggestions, also for Client’s free time at leisure

  • –  Restaurant reservations provided without extra charge

  • –  When we go for the Gross price, we will run their credit cards, including Amex, without extracharge

  • –  “Meet & greet” service upon arrival at Venice airport is always included (and suggested in the other airports and train stations)

  • –  Only private experiences provided through personal longstanding relationships with artisans, food producers, winemakers, and craftsmen that allow travelers to experience Italy in a local, authentic way

  • –  Only high-level transportations provided: high-speed trains, extra-long Mercedes models, Tesla into the main city centers, luxury wooden boats in Venice

  • –  Our hotel bookings always include breakfast, rooms above the entry level, welcome cocktail on arrival

  • –  Additional amenities/surprises in each destination (supporting the local communities and small business), accordingly with Clients interests:

  • –  Exclusive Villas portfolio, always provided with included services

  • –  No printed vouchers or tickets are necessary through the itinerary

  • –  We are paper-free (travel itinerary is available on Axus mobile app, online, or Pdf)

    To always provide exceptional service to your clients, we decided to focus on full itineraries, so we are unable to provide single services or day tours.


  • Moreover, we don’t arrange car rentals and we don’t handle the self-driving portion of the trip, due to possible issues (such as: mechanical problems with the car, lack of parking, people who get lost along country roads, or everything that may slow them along the way and cause delays on the planning).


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